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Sunday, April 11, 2010

..::bIRtHdaY gIvEaWay priZeS upDatE::..

since ramai yg dk bertanya psl habuan
menjoinkan diri utk birthday giveaway ni ape,
n xramai yg sudi join sbb xtahu bakal dpt hadiah ape,
lilly ngn rajin nye nk update the prizes..

maaf la gmbr xcantik.
i nk cepat td.amik adik blik ngaji..
sile la enjoykan diri..
smbil selfmotivate utk buat entry yg best..

the prizes is fully handmade by me
with all loves ,care n kissess
which consist of:

1)gegel hp charm made with love by lilly
2)delicious n yummy cupcakes hp charm baked by lilly
3)pinky flowerish button brooch
4)multi color flower motive of bookmark
5)crystal+black pearl bracelet
6)fancy mini sellotape
7)felted multi color paper clip x 3 pcs
8)bebear cute pin x 3 pcs with different design


all above goodies
come together with this lovely jewelery box..

nice isn't it??
grab ur opportunity to win these goodies now..

closing date:
11 April 2010


BiEha Besh said...

akak bieha bk join,..tunggu...tunggu,,,

Are-long2501 said...

hye sis..i nak join jugak ni....

:L:I:L:L:Y: said...

cepat2 la join..