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Monday, November 30, 2009

..::fElt stOk uPdAte::..

lilly akn ke Kuala Terengganu bersempena Monsoon Cup di Pulau Duyung
dari 30hb-6hb..
jd segala tempahan akn d hantar bergantung kpd keadaan dan situasi...
utk memudahkn anda mbuat order, sile refer stok felt yg masih available..

Felt yg tggl: 2 pcs
2.dark green 1 pcs
3.olive green 3pcs
4.rosy pink 1 pcs
5.purple 1 pcs

Saturday, November 14, 2009

..::fELt FabRiC::..

hye everyone..

here is a few colour of felt for all the crafter out there..

hurry up..

why must buy from lillyshoppe??

-very cheap-

-high quality-

-vibrant colour-

ready in a4 size..

price only rm2/pcs(the cheapest in town..believe me)

good news..

1. buy a set of felt(contain of 16pcs/colours) at only rm35 including postage.. less than 29pcs the postage for pos laju only rm6..(other cost bear by me..) 30pcs n above get free postage..(using the pos laju)

p/s: i prefer pos laju for posting method sbb cpt,selamat n mmg comfirm sampai

a day after..

but if anda seme nk gune pos ekspress still blh n cost nye akn d dealkn semula.

so, jgn ketinggalan..

any inquiry or help or anything,

pls contact me directly..

for fast reply 0199897710

turn this............

into this.....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

..::MsCraft giveaway::..

this is my 1st time join the giveaway..
hope good luck is wif me..
mscraft ni actually blogshop yg dah lama sy follow..
barang2 kt blog nie sgt2 menepati kehendak para crafter seme..
u all can check on their blog.
macam2 barang ade..jom ar join reramai..

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

..::cLEaRancE SaLe::..

come n grab these beautiful brooch at lower price..

do not wait too long or u will regret when all the brooch get their new owner..

hurry up..

the most important things are the price now reduced..

utk brooch ni..only 4 pcs available..
harga asal rm22
but now the SPECIAL price is RM18/set
buy two set at only RM32





for this special design handmade brooch also got the mark down now..
normal price rm35
but now this lovely brooch are only rm30/set
buy two at rm55
or u can have it all for rm80