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Sunday, June 27, 2010

..::bEriTa tErkInI hIbuRaN sEnsASi::..

shantek kn tote beg tuh..
bookmarks yg katt sblh tu pun hensem jgk..
erm..i loike..
sape2 yg nk,free je..
kak maya kasi free bersempena birthday die,,
click cni ye..
the more the marrier..
Happy Birthday Sis..

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

..::caNdy butToN paCks::..

candy button
size 15mm
12pcs per pack

1A-all sold out

candy button
size 17mm
12pcs per pack

2A-sold to asmaa

2B-sold to asmaa

2C-sold to ira

candy button
size 25mm
6colors per pack

3A-sold to ira

3B-sold to ira

3C-sold to ira

3D-sold to ira

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