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Sunday, February 21, 2010

..::nEw bUttOn in thE sHoppE::..

hye all..
mst sume org srnk cuti kn??
here is a new update for plastic button..
size 10mm
got 53 different colour available
1 dozen rm1.00
min order utk satu kaler ialah setengah dozen = rm0.50
pembelian scr loose pun blh..rm0.10/pcs..

for bulk purchase:

contain of all 53 colours,
4pcs for each colour
means,212pcs per pack..

save rm3.67

utk gambaran jelas psl plastic button ni,
buleh refer gambar yg kt bwh skali..
lbh jelas rs nye..
sbb yg gmbr byk2 ni xclear sgt..

any question or inquiries
pls email to:

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