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Thursday, January 28, 2010

..::nEw cOloR oF fELt::..

gud day everyone:)
since permintaan terhadap felt semakin menjadi2,
:L:I:L:L:Y:S:H:O:P:P:E: dgn humble nye nk introduce the new type of felt..
this is the polyster felt which is much tough n high quality..
tp jgn ckp wool felt xberkualiti plak..msg2 ade kelebihan tersendiri..
nk tau cuba la dulu..
xnk bebel byk2 la..

harga utk sekeping rm2.20 je.(tetap termurah nih)
bersize a4..
30 warna yg available...

proceed ur order to
include the name,no of felt(the code as u can see on pic),the quantity n pos method..

yg kat bawah ni plak felt scrap..
size nye pelbgai sbb dh nm pun scrap..
but still can use as a small2 craft like hairclip or keyring

the colors in 1 pack are:-
1.forest,, 3.leaf, 4.lime,, 6.fawn, 7.dark amber, 8.golden
9.mustard, 10.steel blue, 11.light mint-sold, 12.light turquoise
13.turquoise blue, 14.turquoise, 15.duke blue,, pink
18.dark pink, 19.light pink-sold, 20.orchid, 21.fushia
22.tyrian purple, 23.lilac, 24.purple, 25.lavender, 26.han purple, 27.indigo.

gud news!!!!!!!
its cost only rm25 for all 27 pcs/colors in one pack..
this pack are limited for 3 pack only..

1.sold to natasha
2.sold to hadhatina
3.sold to rara

another 2 pack does not consist light mint and light pink
but the price goes same rm25 per pack..

1.sold to maizah
2.sold to syazwani shakeri

proceed ur order to

havE a nIce dAy EvrYoNe

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